Energygy is of two kinds 1) potential energy 2) kinetic energy This universe is composed of five basic elements.We call it as panchabhoodas. It is otherwise be called God.The pancha bhoodas are 1)land 2)water3)fire 4)space and5)wind. We canot see the the potential energy lying in these elements. when the kinetic energy combine with this we […]


https:// soul and the body Soul is something abstractwhich we can’t see with our nakad eyes.As the smell in a flower,the taste in the food,heat in the fire ,water force in the river this also we can only feel it .No one can show it and say where it lies in your physical body . […]


What is Bhogam? It is nothing but the enjoyment of worldly pleasures through our five senses. Who gives this ? No doubt ,it the God who created this beautiful world for us to enjoy. How to enjoy? Whether to indulge too much in this , and forgetting the creator, who has given this or using […]


    Fear as seen by many , is not to be afraid of .It is not the blocking stone on the way of progress in a man’s life. Really a pinch of fear is necessary to lead a righteous life .Only this fear is necessary to take a step forward. A child while he/she […]


Hello there! My name is John Pelle, I have quite an extra unordinary story to share… I’ve been living in the Heavens for over 1,000,000 years faithfully serving the king from above. I’v… Source: THE CREATIVE SCIENTIST