250What is Bhogam? It is nothing but the enjoyment of worldly pleasures through our five senses. Who gives this ? No doubt ,it the God who created this beautiful world for us to enjoy. How to enjoy? Whether to indulge too much in this , and forgetting the creator, who has given this or using these bounties and boons to search a path for practicing Yoga , the ultimate goal of life, that is to realize the Creator. It is all in our hand . The platform is set out , it is only we who have to decide how to play the game.
Beautiful sceneries are there which spreads a feast to our eyes. By seeing these we forget ourselves and a sense of pleasure enters our heart. That is why people run towards the hill stations to enjoy their vacation. Among their stressful life they want some relaxation. After visiting these places they are enthused to resume their work with more vigor and commitment.
For agitating and tensed mind, the soul thrilling music is the best medicine. It calms down your mind. Instead there are some music or songs which raises the animal instinct in you. Always we must avoid rajo or thamas gunas.Here music and songs are there ,it is only we have to select which type will lay a way for entering yogic practice.
Our sense of touch also play a vital role in deciding our course of life. Contact with soft and feather like things will certainly reduce our irritating mood. That is why people are asked to sit on the soft layered seat to do meditation. Your attention will not fall on the body and your mind will be focused on the thing which you want.
Leaving out all foul smelling cigarette etc ,if you are amidst the sweet aortic surroundings ,the impact will be different in nature. Sit in the puja room with the smell of incense, stick you will be drawn towards the divine feeling.
Similarly eating sathvic food(non spicy vegetarian food) is good not only for your body but also to your mind. The total nature of a man’s nature depend on the food what he eats. Take up the example of carnivores animals which kill and eat the flesh of other animals. They are very aggressive in nature, so also the humans whose intake is rajo food(spicy, nonvegetarian food) are very much like animals .Their temperament is very aggressive and easily they fall in angry mood at the slightest instigation.
All these Bhogam which are God’s gift must be utilized in proper way with the help of our wisdom. Too much of indulgence for our individual pleasure injures our health, finally leads us towards the path of death. Knowledge and wisdom are given to segregate between bad and good. Each and every thing will not be done by God. He has given us the instrument to work out as the boons and it is only we have to do it in a proper way. Just see what happens to overeating persons, indigestion, vomiting and in long course of time various other ailments. At such situation where will his mind go?- to the hospital or to his salvation?
Sit in solitude and think, what for we are born ?Just to suffer or enjoy the happiness ,by leading a worry free life. All our problems in our life is created none other than by ourselves. Learn the art of living by changing the bhogas, in to yoga, never get affected by joy or hardship. For yogis Both are same . Their mind is as calm as the sea with out the waves. To execute HIS work we are sent to this world. You are not acquiring anything by your own. God’s gift is given in the guise of opportunities. Grab it and utilize.
If you earn through these opportunities, spend the rewards for the improvement and benefit of this world. You may become a minister, remember that this post is given to work for the people, not to enjoy the concessions offered by the government or amass the wealth for your children.
God is testing you, how you are using the bounties bestowed on you. Are you going to use it for your personal needs or for the benefit of this world? Do you want to be a bhogi or Yogi , _the answer is in your hand.
Everything is yoga if focus with full commitment on the endeavors what you enter into.


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