What a parent to be

A)A friend B)A guide A)friend:- When a child is young it expects every one to play with him irrespective of age. 1)The parents must come down to his level and must give company. 2)Due to their work load they should not ignore him. 3)Try to explain and make them to understand your difficulties and assure […]

The main ingredients for a delicious life

As we cook our food we take care to add the proper ingredients in proper proportion to make the food palatable.so also we need the following main ingredients to make our life delicious .Life is an art . we must carefully draw it with all aesthetic sense.Then only it will be appreciated by others and […]

The art of saving

                                    The art of saving Learning of an art not only calms our heart but also makes us to forget all our worries.. It may be any art, may be drawing , playing instrument or singing. Likewise this […]