Fear as seen by many , is not to be afraid of .It is not the blocking stone on the way of progress in a man’s life. Really a pinch of fear is necessary to lead a righteous life .Only this fear is necessary to take a step forward.

A child while he/she learns to walk takes every step carefully with the support of  his /her mother or somebody else to avoid falling down. So also the aged  people. Carelessness due to fearlessness leads to many miseries.

Due to fear some do not take any risk in their life. They are reluctant  to face  the challenges ,Life without any challenges makes the life very stale. For example if a business man always think of the loss he incurred in the past and  not continuing his business, he will not improve. The fear must be there to avoid  the same mistakes which led him in trouble and it must lead him to take all possible precautionary measures.

Fear has many faces in a man’s life:- .It can lift up a person in a life or push him down .It is all in the hands of the person who handle it .Fear is the impression of the past which drives a person to seek safety for his future in present .Thus this fear drives him to run in his present days ,losing his calm life.

Fear has some good effects also:-  For example the fear of disease and death makes one to take all precautionary methods. He exercises daily , eats healthy food, with due limitations and follow the clean habits. He sets  aside  all temptation and strengthen his will power.

If a student has the fear that he  would fail in the examination  and the chances of a bright future will narrow down if he does not learn well ,that fear will push him  toward s hard work..The lack of self confidence, generates fear

The fear of bleak future makes one to work hard and earn. .While earning he spends lavishly but once the fear of retirement period grips him he starts to save for his future’s safety. Only this fear leads him towards a secured life in his old age.

The fear of not getting a bride if he does not have a clean habits makes one to decline all temptations to choose a wrong path  and life style.If one is not sincere , in his work , people will not trust him. The society also will not give respect.Only this fear makes him to be sincere in all his work.

Thus fear  in many ways help a man to adopt  the right path to improve  his  life .Instead  ignoring fear which will lead to disaster in one’s life, change your fear  in to a driving force in your life , then success will be with in your reach.


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