Whom should we worship our matha ,pitha, and guru


Matha,pitha,Guru Theivam

mother with achild
mother with achild
is the first God to every human.She is the one who bears our sthula(physical) body for 10 months.With out this physical body we can not function.The stress and strain she undergoes are innumerable.

For the sake of the growing child with in her womb she sacrifices her favourite foods and physically she suffers pain but the moment the child is born she forgets every thing and smile appears as the symbol of her happiness.

How many days she spends sleepless nights to care the child.With out any reminder she wakes up to feed her child and With out any shrink of the face she cleans the child’s bowel.She is the first teacher to teach the child how to walk ,and how to eat.She is the person who teaches what to do and what not to do.When the child falls sick she becomes the first nurse.

She gives medicine at proper time and with out any sleep she cares the child. Sacrifices her favourite food for the sake of her child.
Pitha(father)father-with-a-daughterHe gives life to the body.With out life the body becomes inanimate thing.He only take care of the growth of the child by providing and purchasing the things what all the child needs.The good character is imbibed by the child from the father. He becomes a hero to follow.He only paves and arranges the path to follow to lead a good comfortable and righteous life.In short he introduces the world to the child.

Guru(teacher) importance-of-a-good-teacherThe persons who teaches at school alone are not teachers.The lessons in life from whom we get are all, Gurus.WE must respect them.The gnana(knowledge) which is in inert stage is awakened only by these gurus.The guru will guide the aspirants safely remove all sorts of doubts in one’s life.He inspires and motivate his students.A guru shows the flash of light on the right path to follow in one’s life and holds the hands of the aspirant to claimb the ladder of improvement.Hence we need not search the GOD outside ,mother,father, and teacher are all GODS.

,If we realise this and respect them, their blessings will surely protect you from any pitfalls or adversaries in life.Let us all adore them and lead a happy life.


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