Causes for one’s loss

There are many causes for one’s degradation, despair, and distress. In this blog I want to highlight few causes. They are
Ignorance is a curse.
It prevents one from moving forward in his life .Because of ignorance, opportunities slip from one’s hand. The society on the whole ignores him. Making capital of one’s ignorance people exploit them. Mostly uneducated people in the rural areas are the prime victims. They do not know what is happening in this world and how the world is standing today and what technological inventions are pushing this world ahead. In addition to this the politicians lure them with free bees. They are forced by poverty accept those free bees and think that the giver is very generous and add some comforts to their life. These people does not know that they are choosing wrong persons who after coming to power are going to suck off all the resources and enrich their own lifestyle and going to live the life of a king.The poor people are going to lead the life of a slave.
Then what is the solution?
Education, education alone will bring awareness and knowledge.That is why the ancient Tamil poetess said that,
pichai puginum karkainandre.”
Meaning:-Learning is good, even if you happen to beg, it is better to learn.
So to weed off ignorance Education is the only solution. People from nook and corner of the country must have the chance to learn. For that free education must be available. Every village must have free access to the Educational institutions in their own area. Practical knowledge must be given importance. Opportunities must be available for all the fitting students equally. Now in India by the power of money a doctor’s son becomes a doctor, an engineer’s son becomes an engineer. How these people have the mind to serve the poor in the rural area? Every profession becomes a business today. Earning money alone is not a life. The knowledge that there are many more things to achieve in life must come up in every one’s mind, then only a country will see a real progress. This awareness will come only through Education.

Innocence:-It is something related to one’s attitude and nature. An innocent man hurts none but he is cheated and betrayed by others. He believes that all are like him and easily puts his faith on them, but contrary to this, cunning people makes false promises and make the innocents to stand on loss. This becomes a great shock to them and reluctant to believe even the Genuvan people. For example, if a man promises help a project and never turn back when approached, makes one to think that all people are like this and he would not get any help and gets mental torture, how to start or finish his project. Thus there is a chance to lose one’s self respect and self esteem.
1)Don’t be too innocent to believe every one.
2) Don’t be carried away by the beautiful articulation and enchanting ,enthralling voice. They may deceive you.
3) Being innocent is not bad , but believing others without knowing their nature is not advisable.
4)Be intelligent enough to read the thoughts of others.

We cannot live in this world without depending on others . So we have to trust someone or the other to sail on our life. Here we have to choose the right person to finish our work. Whether husband or the wife son or the father, mother in law or daughter in law whoso ever it may be, must do their works themselves. First, they will help you in your work, showing all respect but once they come to know that you are totally depending on them and they will not reap any benefit from you, they will not hesitate to throw you away in lurch. Hence keep a limit to accept their help and draw a boundary line in trusting them .
* As for as possible till your health permits attend your work, yourself .
* Be the master for all your financial transactions.
* Keep up your privacy
* Hearing the advice is good but the final decision should be yours.
When you start to trust someone and leave all your matters in his hand, you will be losing your independence and downright sets in.

Although most of the countries got freedom from the foreign rules, yet the poor people are under the clutches of rich people and politicians. Showing the privileges initially, they are trapped in, under their clutches. For want of food and work these poor people also have to obey their commands.
In families also, once you lose your economic independence, you are becoming weak and those who are earning, will have the upper hands.
Hence if you want to have a happy and independent life without any regrets equip your mind with more and more knowledge, by reading books ,interacting with other people , have good relationship with your friends and relatives and have touch with the social medias.