An advice to the advisors


Before you give advice ,you introspect yourself whether you are living up to that and are you worth for it.Any one who don’t live a life according to his preaching are not only treated with scant respect but also be ridiculed.If you want respect yo you must live the life what you teach , and be a role model for your teaching.Ramakrishna preached that we can realize the supreme power if we withdraw our contact from lust,and love towards material wealth.He, in his life time never touched money and never had any conjugal relationship with his wife .He saw her as an incarnation of shakthi and even worshipped her.
There are three kinds of advice for moral guidance
Asking men> to carry out certain duties and refrain from some prohibited acts.
2)Just giving suggestion how certain acts would be beneficial if adopted in life.
3)Portrayal of the roles of different persons upheld righteousness so as to to be inspired to emulate them.
This is done mostly by the parents at home,Teachers at the school, and friends and near relatives in the society.Right from the childhood one gets advice from the parents about the good habbits ,good behaviour,and the duties to be performed.Parents must stand as the living example.Then only the advice what they give will bear fruits.The young mind is just like the clay which can be molded very easily.They keenly watch what their parents are doing.Even in eating , the manners to be followed and the proper healthy food to be consumed for a healthy life to be taught to them.Just with advice if they stop, and go for all junk, unhealthy food, how will they follow their advice?Like wise liquor and smoking are bad for health- a parent advice his son and it will injure one’s health.Son hears this decide to follow this but at this time he sees his father in full booze and enters the house how can he trust his advice?A child respects his mother if his father treats his wife with respect.If a father consults his parents before taking a decision, the son also do the same. when he grow up,You need not advice your children that lodging the old people in old age homes.However sick the parents may become, the way you nurse them at home will teach t children a great lesson.There will be no need of the mushroom growth of senior citizen homes.Hence the Direct Advice will be effective in moulding the childrens’charecter, only when the advisor set as an example by his conduct
Teachers:-They play an important role in moulding one’s charecter.They impart the knowledge and introduce them the the present,past and future world. A teacher is the first student.He must learn beyond doubt all the concepts to be taught in the class and must be ready to answer and clear the doubts of the students , for that he must come down to the level of the taught.Be friendly with them,at the same time you must keep the decoram of the profession.Apart from the syllabus , the students may have some doubts , that also must be cleared.If you could not find a solution you must access the internet,newspapers and seek the opinion of your seniors,experts or your colleagues. Always remember that you are sculpturing the society. A good and healthy society will help the nation to blossom in to a strong ,prosperous and healthy one.In adoloscent age teachers become heroes in the eyes of the students.Whatever is uttered by them become unquestionable verdicts for them.Hence teachers responsibilities become more. He must always upgrade and qualify himself with the day today news.A teacher should not sow the seeds of fear in the minds of his pupils.Always he must be easily accessable.If he want deciplined student, first he must be disciplined.Teachers must be the first person to arrive at the school to receive the students and he must be the last one to leave the school.He must be very neat in appearence and wear a well ironed clean clothes.Next is his hand writing.It must be legible and beautiful and neat with out any over writing or any scoring.Most of the students are attracted by their teachers’handwriting.They low the style of their teachers’writing.As a student spend most part of the day with the teachers rather at home,the teachers attitude and behaviour has a direct impact.
Influence by reading the books and media:-The charecters portrayed in books like Ramayana influnce the young mind very much.For example Rama’s charecter shows how to be righteous and virtuous.The other brothers stand as the example for brotherly affection.In Mahabharat also Pandavas stand as testimonials for brothers co-operation and family unity.Here in this story we see what a havoc be caused if we go for gambling.The negative charecters show as the results of disobeying and disrespecting the elders in the family.Great leaders’ biographies teach how to avoid the great falls and how to raise up again.The merits of the charecter bears the torch light what to follow in one’s life.Now a days visual media such as cinema,drama and some serials telecasted in t.v have a great impact on the young minds.They try to imitate them . hence a great responsibilities are loaded on the shoulders of the media people to lead the the youth towards the right path.
Hence if one want to climb in life he has to follow the advices in one form or the other.