soul and the body
Soul is something abstractwhich we can’t see with our nakad eyes.As the smell in a flower,the taste in the food,heat in the fire ,water force in the river this also we can only feel it .No one can show it and say where it lies in your physical body . It has no form and imperishable.Where as the body can be seen with our naked eyes.After certain time it withers away.As years roll on the body gets older and weaker.It under goes various changes.The form of the body can be captured in a camara.One can paint or draw the sheer replica of yourform.pain directly affects the body.Soul can only feel the pain and pleasure.Body you can touch where as soul you can hear or love.Spirit shows your identity.Spirit is our connection to God or satan,life or death,light or darkness.If want good connection with God we must have good soul.Soul constitutes three parts 1)mind 2)will,3)emotions.All the three are inter connected.The first and basic thing for our elevation is to develop a strong , healthy body. This human birth is given by our good deeds. It is very precious.If we don’t use it in proper way , again we will deemed to be born a lower birth as animals or birds, or worms .once again we have to under go hundreds of rebirths.A strong mind dwells in a strong body,hence we should not ignore the good health of our body.How to develop good health?,by taking healthy food in proper time and with proper quantity.Neither over eating or poor eating is advisable.The muscles must be toned up with proper exercises.Here also proper guidence is necessary regarding the time limit to do the physical exercises.Over doing or under-doing in anything is bad.For all these things good association is necessary.A good associate will help you to lead a healthy life.This in turn will make you to have a strong mind and will power.The weavering mind will not achieve anything great.Emotions will be controlled with a strong will power. Rewards and punishment will not affect a person who has this will power.He knows how to keep the emotions under his control.Thus with the strong will power in a strong body will have clarity in thoughts and he will find proper decision for any problem.Such persons know which is our ultimate aim in our life. He will travel through the right path and explore the means to reach God.



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