Energygy is of two kinds
1) potential energy 2) kinetic energy
This universe is composed of five basic elements.We call it as panchabhoodas. It is otherwise be called God.The pancha bhoodas are 1)land 2)water3)fire 4)space and5)wind.


We canot see the the potential energy lying in these elements. when the kinetic energy combine with this we feel the its energy. These energies can be used for both constructive as well as destructive purposes.So also the mystic mantras can be used for both.Here the potential energy which is in dorment state can be taken as Shiva and the the kinetic energy as Shakthi.When shakthi joins with Shiva the cosmic dance takes place.To explain this we can take the example of a pounding stone and the pounding rod.Any solid thing if we want it to be powdered we have to put it in the pounding stone and with the help of the pounding rod we have to pound it . Here the pounding stone can be taken as Shiva and the pounding rod as Shakthi.The solid matter as our mind.Action takes place as both Shakthi and shivam join together. then in the pounding process our mind is purified.


In human body the potential shakthi lies at mooladara in a dormant state . If we practice pranayama(breething exercise)or dhyana(meditation) we can wake up the mooladara shakthi(the potential shakthi).Here we can consider the pranayama as the kinetic shakthi.We all know that the wind spread over this universe has great energy.In Cyclone hoe the wind causes disaster.If we inhale and exhale alternatively through the nostrils,in a controlled manner, it forces the dormant potential shakthi to raise up and pass through varios chakras situated at different parts of our body.They are the energy points at our bodies.
lastly it reaches the sahasradala the head,and we mingle with God.Hence in every human being the energy lies in dormant state , we have to combine it with shakthi the kinetic and work for the well fare of this world.


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