my God helps me to get what all I want

God answered my Prayer.
I asked for strengh.He gave me difficulties to face.
When i was in my school final,all the financial help to pursue my collage studies were stopped. Literally I was in complete darkness.My ego didn’t allow me to approach any one for financial help and there was a fear that if they decline my request, it would be utter shame and an injury to my self respect. But my aptitude to continue my higher studies was at a high level.While brooding over this matter,an idea struck me.Why not I take private home tuitions and going to the banks and collector’s office to fill up the forms and challans to the needy people.This idea worked out well.Not wasting the leisure time and holidays , I worked hard.A steady flow of income started, which was enough to meet out my collage expenditure.This time only I learned that every lock is provided with a key.In my later years too whenever I faced any difficulties I never disheartened.As I faced more difficulties ,the more strong I became.
This strength only made me courageous to meet out many dangers in my life.On one occasion one of my associate misused my signature, to get money for his spend thrift activities. For the mistake done not by me, I was entangled in a serious position. With courage I faced the problem. Using my brain I worked out and found out the loop hole left by the opponent. Grabbing this, I came out of that trouble safely and my dignity was saved.
I prayed for wisdom.He gave me problem to solve.


Next in my life I came across many suffering people.One such woman was Kamala who lost her only earning member , her husband , at prime of her youth. She did not have much education.Initially I gave all moral support and then encouraged her to persue her studies.Now she is placed in a good position and we both continue to be good friends.


On another occasion I came across a wounded dog , howling in pain near my house. I took it to the hospital , put medicine for the wound , gave food, and nurtured it with great care. Now it is completely recovered, and guards my house and me all the time.Thus by helping the troubled beings
God created situation to to come across suffering beings,by helping them.HE showed me what love is.
The urge to prosper in my life was strong in my mind.I thought deeply over the means ways for it . Then I realised that God has given me the brain and strength to work, then why should I expect others to help.From that time on wards I cautiously took every step to improve myself and worked tirelessly. Sincerity and punctuality became the mantras in my work.From then, there was no look back in my progress.Thus when I asked for prosperity HE gave me brain and brawn to work.
Though I received nothing I wanted,yet every thing was answered and the way to achieve my wishes through my Prayer. That is GOD.



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